Sunday, March 1, 2009


Cutting the hole was pretty freaking awesome. After the failed attempt with the rotary saw, cutting this sucka up felt pretty good. Once the first cut was in, the rest of the cutting was much easier. I really let the tool do the work, and tried not to breath in that dust.

Something about sparks flying just makes me feel like I am getting something done. I was not dumb enough not to wear eyeglasses. If there are red hot sparks involved, wear safety glasses for Christ sake. There is nothing manly about squirming on the floor in pain crying for you mommy cause you just got a red hot piece of metal in your eye.

Done! Now the only thing left to do with the metal is make a sweet shuriken of death! I am not one to be wasteful.

Thermaltake thought is was the best idea ever, to have raised lettering stamped into the metal (t design). I ground that sucker down. I simply won't deal with the question, "are your initials gn". No!

Stupid smooth, and better than that the "gn" is gone.
Here is the first coat of primer. I was pretty happy with the coverage I got with it.

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