Friday, March 6, 2009

Buttons pressing my buttons

So last night I was replacing the LEDs for the power and HDD activity light. I replaced the HDD activity with and ultra violet LED and the power whith an ultrabright white one. For some reason or another, I had it in my head that the power LED also lit the power button. WRONG, so freaking WRONG. Turns out the button needs to be dissesembled just to get to the LED in it, and it is not your standard 5mm LED. It is a 1.8mm Diffused LED. Come on, what the hell. So now I have to track down a white 1.8mm diffused LED, awesome....I did find some on Ebay, but I have to buy like 50 of them. I need maybe 3, just in case I botch the job, not 50. As soon as I can, I will throw up some pics of the monstrosity.

Side note: I would like to apologize for the lack of content lately. I am moving out of my apartment, and stuff has been nuts. On the plus side, once I am in my new place, I will have a dedicated modding studio!

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