Thursday, April 2, 2009

Last stages before phase II...

These pieces of plastic were the old base for the case. (ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!)
Anyhow, they need to be modified HEAVILY for the bottom mounted fan and casters to fit. Out came the dremel and my trusty Daisy safety glasses that I got with my pellet gun. Funny thing, I was 99.99 percent done and I noticed that I miss a bit to dremel, so I figure this will take one sec, no need for safety glasses, and just as I was mid thought saying that in my head a molten piece of plastic flew into the corner of my eye. IT DID NOT FEEL AWESOME. Wear the stupid glasses, unless you want to look like a pirate one day...

Here you can see that putting the original base on make a big difference ascetically. It was worth the extra work to get it to fit back on there.

This is the serendipitous part of the build were I ordered the wrong size fan, but ended up being a great idea starer for another mod. I meant to order a 120mm fan from but instead ordered a 80mm fan. I was very confused when I opened the package when it had arrived. I figured what the hell I might use it on something in the build, and I was right...

I really do not like keeping accessories in the the accessories box, so I was determined to make this one vestigial part of my case into a feature of the build as well.

The exposed nut securing the fan needed to be dressed up a bit. That is were some spay painted contact paper came in..

Here are some shots of it all put together. I really was happy with the outcome overall.

Not really mentioned in detail at all, is the toggle switch I mounted in the box as well. This will control the cold cathode lights.

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